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Brach's Nips Hard Candy Butter Rum 3.25oz bag

SKU 537112
Originally created by Pearson Candy Company of Culver City California. The company started in business back in 1928 by Barney Pearson. The NIPS line was created in the 1960's with Coffee being the #1 of its NIP flavor profiles. The 3rd generation family business Pearson was then sold to W.R. Grace Co in 1968, who then sold to Nabisco in 1982. Seven years later in 1989, Nestle acquired Nabisco's candy holdings that included Pearson Candy Company. in 2017 Ferrara Candy , owned by Ferrero purchased Nestle's US candy business and is now the producer of Nips. 2022 Ferrara did some rebranding by adding the Brach's name to them, but none the less, Same Great Tasting NIPS you all know and love are Back!